Cellulose Acetate membrane filters – Everything you wanted to know


The Cellulose Acetate filters have been observed to be one of the best and perfect options in the health and medication industry. The CA or Cellulose Acetate membranes filters have been observed to offer you an excellent option for several of medical requirements.

Cellulose Acetate membrane filters - everything you wanted to know

What are the Cellulose Acetate Membrane filters – What are they?

The Cellulose Acetate membrane filters are very low protein binders. These membranes are composed of pure cellulose acetate. These are modified enough to ensure that they offer the lowest possible binding filters ever.

These are normally used for filtering the protein solutions and are designed to provide you access to an improved and enhanced throughput. The lowest binding properties will make them one of the preferred options for the reduced filter changes.

Where would you find these filters being used?

Well, the CA membrane filters provide you access to xtreme strength and lowest binding property. This makes them one of the right options for use with protein and enzyme filtration. They have been widely used in a wide range of applications that include medical and tissue cultures.

Some of the unique areas you would find the Cellulose Acetate Membrane or CA membrane filters in use

  • Tissue culture media sterilisation
  • Diagnostic Cytology tests.
  • Biological fluid filtration.
  • Protein and enzyme filtration and sterilisation

In essence, you would find them really practical and useful in areas where maximum recovery of proteins is expected. You would also find it extremely useful and practical in a variety of application areas that would include receptor binding studies, recovery of gram positive organisms and biological fluid filtration.

What are the features offered by Cellulose Acetate Membrane Filters?

Well, the major feature that makes it one of the excellent options would be they are highly hydrophilic. That is exactly what would make it one of the perfect solutions for any of the needs in aqueous solutions. It can also be one of the right options for the alcoholic media as well.

The high heat resistance is one of the areas that Cellulose Acetate Membrane filters offer you. This is exactly what would make it one of the perfect options for use with temperatures as high as 180 degrees C.

Some of the other features offered by the Cellulose Acetate Membrane filters would include

  • Material with the lowest possible ever binding strength.
  • Completely hydrophilic.
  • A uniform pore structure.
  • High strength and higher stability
  • High throughput options

That should perhaps explain the major usage that CA membrane filters can be put to and how effective they can be in medical and other allied fields. High throughput offered by these membrane filters and the extremely reduced filter changes would ideally make them one of the much preferred options in a wide range of areas.