Bodies of missing climbers amid series of avalanches recovered in the Himalayas


According to official s, seven bodies out of eight missing climbers have been recovered in the Himalayas. The climbers include four Brits, two Americans, one Australian along with an Indian liaison officer who vanished in the Nanda Devi region on 26th May following an avalanche.

amid series of avalanches recovered in the Himalayas

The rescue team, however, will carry out their search of the last climber which is still missing. They were reported missing in late May when they failed to return o their base camp Nanda Devi, i.e., India’s second highest mountain.

List of Eight climbers includes Australian Ruth McCance, who was the only woman in the squad who was considered to have been killed in an avalanche. She was an experienced amateur climber. Other climbers were Anthony Sudekum and Ronald Beimel from the United States, John Mclaren, Rupert Whewell and Richard Payne from the United Kingdom, along with Indian guide Chetan Pandey.

All these were led by renowned UK based mountain guide Martin Moran. Bodies were spotted about 500 m below where the team was hit. This recovery mission started in June starting but was obstructed by harsh weather as well as technical problems.

It was about two weeks that five bodies were missing and were spotted by air, but the rescue helicopter could not reach them because of high winds and rough terrain. Shortly after that both Indian paramilitary forces and the Indian Mountaineering Foundation launched ground expeditions.

As per Indo Tibetan Border Police tweet, it is confirmed that mountaineer had now been recovered the bodies from under the snow. Vijay Jogdande, An Uttarakhand state administrator, supposed that the soldiers reached the bodies on Sunday, though they had yet to be identified. The bodies will be brought from where they found at an altitude of over 5000m to a base camp.

President of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, HS Chauhan, alleged that authorities would decide on an air evacuation of the bodies depending on the weather conditions as well as ground expeditions also in the region for the task.