A Men’s Bracelet – Hot Trend of 2019


Men are rather conservative when it comes to jewelry and accessories. While guys believe that wearing rings, wallets, and necklaces are ok, they undeservedly ignore other items including bracelets. Probably, it is because they consider bracelets to be immature and inappropriate for a solid guy. Nevertheless, men’s bracelets are one of the hottest trends of 2019. If you want to join the fashion bandwagon, you have to get yourself a stylish men’s bracelet.

Men's Bracelet

Not Only For Women

It is known that many fashion trends have an amazing ability to make comebacks. Men’s bracelets are no exception. After all, there were times when a massive gold bracelet told others about the high status of its owner. Bracelet made of copper or silver conveyed masculinity and proves.

Not so long ago, it was believed that wrist jewelry was designed exclusively for women. Everything has changed a couple of years ago when prestigious fashion houses introduced bracelets into their collections. Such brands as Hermes and Ralph Lauren turned bracelets into a sought-after attribute of high fashion.

Are There Any Rules on How to Wear Bracelets in 2019?

In the past, the rules of good taste told us to wear bracelets and watches on different hands. Today, you can safely wear a bracelet next to a watch. You can even flaunt several different items on the same wrist as a watch. Moreover, bracelets worn at the same time can be made of metal, natural stones, beads, leather, and even hemp rope.

In 2019, there is no emphasis on materials from which bracelets are made. While a few years ago a gold wrist ornament indicated the wealth of its owner, now a bracelet constructed of leather, stones, beads or other material speaks of good taste and originality. Many original designs, such as this silver wolf bracelet, allow you to unleash your imagination and manifest your fashion sense.

Do you think that a men’s bracelet can be worn on vacation but not at work? You couldn’t be more wrong!

Bracelets Suit Everyone

There will always be conservative guys who believe that bracelets are for girls. If you are not among these diehards, you’ll be glad to know that men’s bracelets can be worn even with a business suit. Moreover, today the bracelet-wearing trend is shifting from the younger auditory to men of all ages. Even respectable middle-aged men can look more appealing when adorning their wrists with a nice accessory. Johnny Depp, Dwayne Johnson, Aaron Paul, Robert Downey Jr., David Beckham, Jay-Z, and many other celebrities pull off trendy bracelets. The hit of this season is biker jewelry that displays your strength and boldness.

What kind of bracelet to wear?

As we have already mentioned, public opinion about jewelry has undergone significant changes. It does not matter if you have gold, silver or regular metal on your wrist. It doesn’t have to be metal altogether. You can put on any item you think is capable of emphasizing the individuality and complementing your image. Bracelets adorned with natural stones, which were believed to be made only for girls, have been winning the hearts of the sterner s*x.

With a bracelet, a man can add a touch of charisma to his image. He can loudly declare himself as a fashionable person who pays attention to every aspect of his image.